Personalised Race Maps

Welcome to Racetrace

We create personalised maps.

Together, we can commemorate a race you’ve completed in two ways…


A) Create new map

Simply provide us with a few details and we’ll create you a design.


B) Personalise a map

Personalise a map that has already been created by us.


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Creating a new map

There’s a range of ‘Create Your Own’ options:



Whether your ran an ultra marathon, marathon or half, this is the option for you. Choose between ‘city’ and ‘country’ circuit.



Bike rides the width of the nation, as well as circuited rides are worth recording and commemorating.


Combined Events

For the toughest people on the planet. These events were a mammoth achievement to complete. Reward the blood, sweat and tears with our combined event print.


Personalising a Map

It couldn’t be easier, simply select a map then choose your colours and enter your details.
Here are our most popular personalised maps. Can’t see yours? Shop All

Berlin Marathon

London Marathon

New York Marathon

athletes-female-graphic-54326 copy.jpg

Everything clear?

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are those options once more:


A) Create new map

Choose from our range of ‘Create Your Own’ base products. Run, ride or combined event. Then fill us in with your race details and we’ll create the design for you.


B) Personalise a Map

Select a design for a race you have completed from our ready made race maps. Provide us with the details we need to make it your own.