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Personalised Race Maps

There's two ways to Racetrace:


a) Create new map

Provide us with your details and we’ll create a design

B) Personalise a map

Personalise a ready-made map with your details

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Thanks to @racetraceprints for this awesome print to commemorate the London Marathon, it’ll be taking pride of place in the house.
— @peteruns26.2 on Instagram
To let EVERYONE know I run marathons I’m going to hang this print of the route & my time right by my front door... They’re going to love it. Thanks @racetraceprints
— @matt.runs on Instagram

Personalising a Map

It couldn’t be easier, simply select a map then choose your colours and enter your details.
Here are our most popular personalised maps. Can’t see yours? Shop All

Berlin Marathon

London Marathon

New York Marathon

How amazing is this from @racetraceprints 😍
Race to The Tower will always be so incredibly special to me, both for being my first #ultramarathon and for the reasons I chose it to be that one. And now I have this lovely personalised print with all my details to take pride of place 💙
— @kellogs_ontherun on Instagram