The Perfect Paper


There comes a time (like today) when we will approach the end of our paper supply. Fear not, this is not a time that has us shaking with nerves, rather a time that brings us a little bit of joy (paper geeks right?). An opportunity to develop our product and perhaps learn something new.

We batch order our paper in relatively small quantities in order to adopt new paper stocks should any become available. When it comes to supplier, we believe there is no better than England based G.F. Smith, it is just a question of what stock and paper weight will provide you with the best experience.

When you receive your Racetrace print, be it framed or unframed, we want the stock to compliment the designs. We have three main considerations when it comes to providing you the high quality product unique to Racetrace.


Texture - We believe using a textured stock adds a dimension and elevates the print higher than simply an A3 runout. The texture cannot be too extreme however, or the ink will not settle consistently and gaps will appear, breaking up larger blocks of colour and rendering detailed sections illegible.

Colour - Anyone who has recently painted/redecorated will be enlightened to the huge number of possible shades of white paint available. That same depth in numbers applies to the paper industry too. We want a shade that is clearly not brilliant white that you can pick up in Tesco, but not a too creamy a colour that will taint the ink colours and make them appear darker/discoloured on the final print.

Weight - You’ll have probably read or heard the term gsm (grams per square metre) before. 300gsm is the weight that you’d expect from a quality business card or greeting card and 50-100gsm is a standard weight you’ll find in the copier in your everyday office environment. We’ve gone for a sweet spot of 200gsm on our premium textured stock. Our main consideration in picking this weight is retaining a premium feel, while still being able to roll each print into a tube for delivery.

And there you have it, the method behind our paper geekiness! Check out our designs here.