Marathon Blues


Marathon blues? Seems like a crazy idea doesn’t it?

That’s what I thought too until I ran my first marathon last year. After watching the London Marathon I was inspired, like so many others are, to run a marathon and so I booked Richmond Runfest.

I’d been following a plan pretty much to a T and was so excited about finally hitting that marathon distance, in my head aiming for a 4:30 finish time. In hindsight that was definitely over ambitious and my actual finish time was 4:55. When I crossed that finish line I was so relieved, the marathon distance is a killer and you go through about 10,000 different emotions while running it. I was absolutely thrilled to have come in under 5 hours for my first attempt, although there was a little bit of me that wished I’d tried a bit harder.

The messages of congratulations kept me on a high for a few days and then things started going grey. I felt so deflated. It’s like anything in life that you’ve been preparing for, there is always a comedown. I liken it to Christmas, you have that massive build up and then bam, gone in a day! It’s important to remember that your body has been pushed and it’s a massive achievement to finish a marathon.

One of the things that helped get me out of my blues was my Racetrace print, it allowed me to reflect on my accomplishment and I finally felt some pride in what I had done, I always smile when I look at it.

Words by Chloe Bletsoe